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Village rest at European level

«Let the sun of Lebedian be like a sunflower over your head and the sunflower be like a sun. Your M. »
Mikhail Bulgakov from “Letters to Elena Sergeevna Bulgakova”

Going 400 km to the south from Moscow on M4 motorway Moscow – Sochi you can see wonderful and beautiful places with rich nature, history and culture. Such cities as Zadonsk, Yelets, Lebedian are familiar to everybody thanks to the works of Ivan Bunin, Mikhail Prishvin, Leo Tolstoy and Ivan Turgenev.

Zadonsk is an orthodox sacred place. In the end of 18th century Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk lived and worked here. Manorial estates of the Volkonskys, Muravievs, Chernyshevs, Stakhovichs, Lermontovs were located here before the Revolution. High society liked to come to Lipetsk mineral waters to have a rest, moreover in the end of 19th century Lebedian became the favorite country place for Moscow literary men.

In 1690 here, in Zadonsk region on the bank of the river Don, 20 km to the south of Lebedian, on the boundary with the nature reserve “Galichya Gora”, Vtoroe Donskoe village – the former estate of the Romanov family- was founded. We carefully restored some of the existed village houses and built new which merged harmoniously into the environment. Now they are called “Malvi guest houses”. Why Malvi? During summer time when the village is buried in verdure mallows create special joyful colour by their beauty and brightness.

Local natural resources provide us with fresh air filled with the notes of pine forest and meadow grass, Lipetsk mineral water and Lebedian apple juices. Comparing to Moscow region the climate here is warmer and the number of sunny days is bigger.

The rest at “Malvi” is not just a marvelous nature, clean river, calm forest and signing birds, but also fresh village food, milk from the cow, home-made bread, bathhouse in the yard, fireplace in the house, French wine in the cellar. We did our best to combine city comfort and real village life. Your child will be happy to watch pasturing cows, sheep, chickens and cocks, and to flatter newly born foals.